A Place in the Sun: Africa in Italian Colonial Culture from by Patrizia Palumbo, Angelo del Boca, Giulia Barrera, Barbara

By Patrizia Palumbo, Angelo del Boca, Giulia Barrera, Barbara Sòrgoni, Nicola Labanca, Cristina Lombardi-Diop, Lucia Re, Giorgio Bertellini, Cecilia Boggio, Karen Pinkus, Cinzia Sartini-Blum, Robin Pickering-Iazzi

Given the centrality of Africa to Italy's nationwide identification, a radical learn of Italian colonial historical past and tradition has been lengthy past due. vital advancements, the expansion of postcolonial stories and the talk surrounding immigration from Africa to the Italian peninsula, have made it transparent that the dialogue of Italy's colonial prior is vital to any figuring out of the heritage and development of the kingdom. This assortment, the 1st to collect articles by way of the most-respected students in Italian colonial reports, highlights the ways that colonial discourse has pervaded Italian tradition from the post-unification interval to the current. throughout the Risorgimento, Africa used to be invoked as a limb of a proudly resuscitated Imperial Rome. in the course of the Fascist period, imperialistic politics have been the most important in shaping either household and overseas perceptions of the Italian nation.

These participants provide compelling essays on decolonization, exoticism, fascist and liberal politics, anthropology, and historiography, let alone well known literature, feminist reviews, cinema, and kid's literature. as the Italian colonial previous has had large repercussions, not just in Italy and within the former colonies but in addition in different international locations ultimately concerned, students in lots of parts will welcome this extensive and insightful landscape of Italian colonial culture.

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9, 1998. The words within quotation marks belong to Flaminio Piccoli, who led the parliamentary mission. 20. For a deeper examination of the Eritrean problem, see Stefano Poscia, Eritrea, colonia tradita (Roma: Edizioni Associate, 1989); Giovanni Moneta, La questione eritrea (Roma: Cablo, 1987); John Markakis, National and Class Conflict in The Horn of Africa (London: Zed Books, 1990); Giampaolo Calchi Novati, Il corno d’Africa nella storia e nella politica (Torino: Sei, 1994); Angelo Del Boca, “La questione dell’Eritrea nei rapporti fra Roma e Addis Ababa,” Studi Piacentini 6 (1989): 35– 64.

In addition, the Italian government does not have what is necessary to bring back peace to the Horn of Africa. It should not be forgotten that in 1996 Italy sold five Aermacchi MB-339 combat planes to Eritrea. And those who sell weapons cannot expect them not to be used. SOMALIA: HALF A CENTURY OF FAILURES Still defaulting with Ethiopia and Libya, and half-generous with Eritrea, Italians have been prodigiously supportive of Somalia. The aid to Mogadishu reaches not simply hundreds but thousands of billions of lira, almost as if Somalia had become an extension of the Italian peninsula.

In few cases did this aid benefit the extremely poor Somali population. Instead, the money gave life to white elephant projects such as desert cathedrals or ended up reinforcing the oppressive regime of Siad Barre. After the flight of the dictator from Mogadishu, Italy could have prevented Somalia from ending up in pieces and in chaos, if only it had demonstrated greater commitment, imagination, loyalty, and coherence in the task of mediating among the various tribal forces that had become players during the civil war.

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