Access to History: Henry VIII to Mary I: Government and by Keith Randell; Roger Turvey;

By Keith Randell; Roger Turvey;

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But whether by luck or by judgement, Henry’s last foray into matrimony was a success and his need for quiet companionship and devout solace was well met. Summary diagram: Henry VIII, the man and the king Henry VIII Strong and good? Catherine of Aragon, 1509–33 Catherine Parr, 1543–7 Appearance and physique Anne Boleyn, 1533–6 Personality and character Interests Catherine Howard, 1540–2 Intellectual abilities Beliefs Values and attitudes Jane Seymour, 1536–7 Anne of Cleves, 1540 Weak and bad? Key dates Catherine Howard Personality and Power | 33 Study Guide: AS Questions In the style of Edexcel Study Sources 1, 2 and 3.

At the height of his influence, in the mid-1520s, his word was almost law and it was widely understood both at home and abroad that there was little point in attempting to secure any royal favour except through him. His court rivalled the king’s in size and splendour and often outstripped it in day-to-day political importance. His palaces, especially Hampton Court and York House (later known as the Palace of Westminster), were developed to be fit for a king, as Henry VIII discovered long before he acquired them for himself.

During this time he both matured and aged. Certainly, he did not remain the same. In some things he changed as a result of his experiences or of the passage of years: in others he became more entrenched as his confidence grew and as some of the uncertainties and flexibilities of youth disappeared with the progression through middle age to, what was for the period, old age. Thus, over the course of his entire reign he was that mixture of constancy and change, consistency and contradiction that should realistically be expected of most people.

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