Actinobacteria Basics and Biotechnological Applications by Dharumadurai Dhanasekaran and Yi Jiang

By Dharumadurai Dhanasekaran and Yi Jiang

This e-book provides an introductory evaluation of Actinobacteria with 3 major divisions: taxonomic ideas, bioprospecting, and agriculture and business software, which covers isolation, cultivation tools, and identity of Actinobacteria and creation and biotechnological capability of antibacterial compounds and enzymes from Actinobacteria. in addition, this e-book additionally offers a complete account on plant growth-promoting (PGP) and pollutant degrading skill of Actinobacteria and the exploitation of Actinobacteria as ecofriendly nanofactories for biosynthesis of nanoparticles, equivalent to gold and silver. This e-book can be important for the graduate scholars, lecturers, researchers, biotechnologists, and different execs, who're to improve and extend their wisdom approximately Actinobacteria within the box of Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biomedical technology, Plant technological know-how, Agriculture, Plant pathology, Environmental technological know-how, and so forth.

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