Alexander Hamilton: Little Lion (The Treasure Chest, Book 2) by Ann Hood

By Ann Hood

Now that the twins have began to settle into their new lives at Elm Medona, they delve deeper into The Treasure Chest and discover extra in regards to the Pickworth relatives, together with the disappearance in their great-uncle Thorne and the robbery of valuable kinfolk artifacts.

In this event, The Treasure Chest transports Felix and Maisie to tropical St. Croix in 1772. There they meet a tender guy named Alexander Hamilton who's approximately to embark on a trip to big apple. Felix and Maisie aren't definite why The Treasure Chest has introduced them to fulfill Alexander, yet they're made up our minds not to permit him out in their sights… no matter if that suggests stowing away at the very send he's crusing off on!

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