Asanga's Chapter on Ethics With the Commentary of by Mark Tatz

By Mark Tatz

This English translation of those Buddhist texts allow the reader to get a proposal of Mahayana moral idea and ethical perform.

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In the same period the older tradition reform s itself into the Nyingm a (Rnying-ma, "the ancients"). For Tsong-kha-pa, Atisa and the Kadampa teachers (geshes) are high authori ty. Tibetan scholars not of this line whose opinions he cites, gene­ rally for refutation, go unnamed. D. 1 1 47- 1 2 1 6) have b e e n identified. A final class of Tibetans referred to by Tsong-kha-pa m ight be cal led, without exaggerating his view o f them , "tantric degenerates. " It is not feasible to conceal this side of Tsong-kha-pa in the case o f this text , because it is buil t around t h e m o r a l p a t h .

Discussion of the three aspect s of ethics from J apanese tradition, including an interesting interface with Indian notions of purity, by Kennet t 1 97 7 : 9 6 , 1 0 6 , 1 98 . 42. T h e Brahmajal a -su tra is ( according to Chinese tradition) Part One of the Avatamsaka collection. de Groot 1 89 3. See also Suzuki 1 9 33; Erdm an 1 9 5 8 ; and Sangharak � ita 1 96 7 : 232-33, from Erdman. 43. On Abhayakaragupa, a vinaya-master o f Bodh Gayii, see Tucci 1 94 9 : 6 5 7b ; Taranatha tr. 3'1 3- 1 5; Lauf 1 97 6 : 24 & pl.

2 ) To undert ake and proceed to train oneself in the essence o f ethics endowed with these four qualities, should be unders tood a s "whole­ som e , " because of benefit for oneself, benefit for others, benefit for m any people, pleasure for m any people, mercy for the world, and wel­ fare, benefit, and pleasure for divine and human beings. Because "mea­ sureless" comprehends the bodhisattva bases o f training, they should be understood as "imm easureable. " Because they are lived for the bene­ fit and pleasure of all sentient beings, they should b e understood to be "favorable to all sentient beings.

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